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Tootsie Boots

Tootsie Boots

Eco Friendly Foot Mask Booties
Make your foot masks work better with this pair of gorgeous booties.  The heat that the booties create once you are wearing them helps the mask work better meaning you get better results!  They are made by us here in the UK from calico with a brand new special biodegradable waterproof coating on the inside.  The special coating means that your mask won’t soak through the fabric and you can wear them comfortably and makes them reusable time and time again all you need to do is give them a wipe down/rinse and let them air dry naturally.  There is no throw away plastic here!
Place a spoonful of mask inside your boot and smooth it throughout before placing your foot inside.   Massage the mask on your foot through the outside.  Leave on for 20 minutes massaging your feet occasionally during this time.  You may add as much or little mask gel as you feel comfortable with.
All parts of these boots have been made from ethical cotton products to ensure it is eco friendly, bio degradable and vegan friendly.